I understand how frustrating it feels to keep failing with your online business.

Discover the MOTCR System and learn how to build a successful online business that earns you $10k or more in the shortest period possible, using a proven step-by-step system

"Experience the highest ROI ever on an investment and savor the sweet taste of success."

Important Notice

This system has been used by the legends of Direct Response across time and generated hundreds of millions in sales. However, most entrepreneurs/marketers, including the “experienced” ones have no clue it even exists… and rely on “creativity” to start and scale new online businesses, which is a COSTLY mistake. Avoid this mistake by getting your hands on the M.O.T.C.R system that will show you the fastest and easiest way to start and scale an online business that pulls in BIG bucks – consistently and without luck.

Just Imagine If...

How it works

Listen up! This ain’t no lazy river ride. This course ain’t something you sit back, chill, and consume, nah! It’s a process that you gotta follow if you’re really hungry for HUGE results. I don’t care if you’re an experienced online pro raking in the big bucks or if you’re just dipping your toes into the online business world.

I’m gonna lay down a step-by-step process to turn this system into a money-making machine that works for you, round the clock.

The MOTCR System Works Because It Follows A Specific “Scientific” Sequence Of Steps That Are Practically Guaranteed To Create a wildly successful business…

We built the MOTCR system by reverse-engineering ultra-successful online businesses to ensure our system grounded in genuine, real-world results.


Start with A Starving Market

most people approach business and marketing the wrong way They start by putting their heart and soul into creating a product or service. then market it

And they get surprised when no one wants to buy it.

I don’t do this. You shouldn’t either.


Because if you start with a product or service, it won’t be irresistible. It won’t stand out. It won’t position you like a G. It won’t make you the BIG bucks. It won’t give you an increased possibility of success.

So if you don’t start with a product or service—then where do you start, Hamza?”

I start with a starving market And find a submarket inside my starving market And I find a niche inside of my submarket And find a specific target inside of my niche

you will get a step-by-step process plus examples so you know exactly how to select your market and pick your niche and Target


Getting Inside the Head of Your Target

Now we’re going to stalk your target

We’re going to gather as much intelligence as we can, and use that information, later on, to craft our irresistible offer so that when presented with it you’re target has nothing to say but

“Shut up and take my money”

You will get a step-by-step process to follow plus all the questions you need to answer in order to create your dream customer avatar

It’s going to be just fill in the blanks, follow the formula get the results


Create Your Irresistible Offer

having an Irresistible Offer people can’t say no to is so crucial for the success of your business

In this module, you will learn the process of how to create an Irresistible Offer plus

What makes an offer Irresistible The 4 core components of an Irresistible offer, What should you sell (How to craft your irresistible Offer) How to enhance your offer and make it so valuable so irresistible that your target has no other choice but to say. “shut up and take my money”


Traffic is never the problem

Contrary to what you might believe traffic is never the problem even though I know that the majority of entrepreneurs/ marketers get obsessed with traffic generation and with it’s different methods and techniques

what you need to understand is when you have a deep understanding about your market and target generating traffic becomes so easy

so in this module, you will learn

The number one question you need to ask yourself in order to understand traffic the right way
The different types of traffic and how to leverage them to grow your business
The most important type of traffic that your business needs to have in order to guarantee success


Engineer a Wildly Profitable Marketing Funnel

in this module, I’m going to show you the exact process you need to follow to build a height-converting sales funnel

And this process I’m going to teach you is the exact framework all the top marketers follow to build funnels that pull in millions of dollars.

Frankly, I don’t believe a marketer can craft a powerful, sales-inducing funnel without following this exact framework

Not, unless they get lucky.

and here’s how we do it

Stage 1: Plan

Stage 2: Build

Stage3: Test

Stage 4: Optimize


Retention the Ultimate Business Goal​

So we did all the hard work to get in new customers to our business but you know what

The ultimate goal is

1- to get those customers to return and become regular buyers

2- to get those customers to do the marketing for you and refer new customers to your business

So how can we do that? you ask

well in this module I’ll teach you all the different techniques and strategies to achieve the ultimate business goal AKA retention

My Personal Guarantee

In this program, we’re doing more than just handing over information; we’re genuinely investing in your success. Our mission is to ensure you not only recoup your investment with us but also build a business that will earn you multiple times that in profits. You’ll gain access to a tried-and-true business system, one you can confidently replicate and utilize for decades to come. And here’s our promise: If, after 16 weeks of us working together, you haven’t achieved your goal, we’ll refund every penny you spent. Plus, all the resources and tools you’ve received from us? They’re yours to keep. That includes all the courses, tools, case studies, templates, and funnels. Everything remains yours. With us, you’ve truly got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 (proof of application is required and refunds for any other reason will not be considered).

This way all the risk is on me…

And all you risk is making MORE money!

Fair enough?

Okay, here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting today.

For Just $2997 $359

Time to take action is now.

Each word of the MOTCR system is there to help you understand the foundation of online business. It’s designed to assist you in building a legitimate business—a business that will allow you to achieve the freedom you’ve always wanted and deserved, and to have a positive impact on the world while doing what you love.

Pick up the MOTCR System NOW.

And use your newfound skill-set to reach your FULL potential.

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